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About Me  

Updated: 2022-05-18

                  ABOUT ME

I am a wordsmith, a synergetic consultant, a generalist futurist, a global village citizen, a Sigma male, even at 73.

I have an eclectic knowledge base, an array of work experiences, and an intimate familiarity with computers and software.

My services have focused on making information and communication simpler and more understandable.

I enjoy biking and touring, collecting knickknacks and crafts, reading, questioning, analyzing and writing.

I have a stellar eclectic track record based on a synergistic outlook that enabled me to deliver 100s of lectures, presentations, corporate and academia (c/a) training programs, tv special events co-hosting and ad-hoc consultations with corporate, government and institution (c/g/i) leaders, at all levels, in both Canada and China. Refer to my client list.

I continue to be available for short-term contracts relating to either:  a/c/g/i consultation;  a/c/g/i training;  general or specialized topic lectures;  research;  media interactions, including hosting, verification and dubbing;  as well as proofreading, notably as a book beta-reader.

I am promoting several projects relating to improving our civilization’s social demeanour, and survival:  the Global Village Mindset;  the Villas 3rd Wave;  the G4Habitat;  the 70M Plan.

As I love to read, I often find gems of wisdom...
or at least Food For Thought (FFT)
which I also post on Twitter and LinkedIN.

Being a semi-retired old fogy,
I also like to voice my Personal Thoughts (PT)
in ad-hoc posts on my website, and on the web.

Welcome to contact me.
I promise to remain a gentleman,
although still an opinionated senior.


Dr. Jacques L. St-Arnaud

James / 王星光 (Wang Xing Guang)