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Updated: 2024.02.25

In this day and age of global village interactions,
shared crises and stressful events,
it is ever more important
to share stimulating sayings as...


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“ Toys stimulate and educate the mind at the same time.
They teach us how to interact with our world.
I think they could be invaluable in providing
a stimulus for lateral thinking
when it comes to communicating with... ”

Anomaly - First Contact  by  Peter Cawdron, 2011.




“ In the book The Wisdom of Life, philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer
refers to "ordering our lives so as to obtain the greatest possible amount
of pleasure and success"
as an art of the Theory of Eudaemonology.
So recognizing, honoring and living in harmony... can be said to be
one of the essential secrets to human happiness. ”

Dr. Guillermo Gomez, LinkedIN post, 2015




It's not about what's lasting or permanent.
It is about individual voices coming together, for a moment.
And that moment lasts... the length of a breath.
That's what I think about my time here. ”

House of Cards, s1e8, speech by Francis Underwood, 2013




“ Are we doing the right thing?
Right and wrong are loaded words
when you’re talking about changing the world.
We don’t have all the information.
We’re scrambling for it, trying to put the pieces together.
If we had them all, we might make different choices.
But we don’t,
so all we can do is the best with what we’re given. ”

The Dead World  by  Stephanie Erickson, 2016




“ people too much credit.
There is no ‘general public’ that peacefully and unanimously decides
what they’re going to collectively think or who they’re going to listen to.  There’s always someone behind the curtain shaping the narrative.  Question is, do we want to leave it up to the faceless 'someone
behind the current chaos, or do we take control?

I respect that you want to do things the ‘rightway,
through legal channels with all the correct checks and balances,
but we’re way beyond that.
Legal and the ‘right thing’ to do aren’t always the same thing. ”

Taran Empire Saga - Empire Defied  by  A.K. DuBoff, 2022




“ There were no such things as negative emotions.
Each one served an important role,
and the individual who had those in harmony
were the ones that outlasted those who were devoid. ”

 Critical Dawn  by  Darren Wearmouth, 2014




“ …we all have the ability to effect change.
We have a duty to our fellow citizens to treat each other with respect.
We have a duty to our friends and family,
to have each other’s backs in times of need.
And we have a duty to family, to society, to civilization,
to preserve our way of life for future generations.
These different scopes of responsibility are sometimes
at odds with each other, and fulfilling our obligations can mean compromising on tenets we would hold firmly in any other context. ”

Taran Empire Saga - Empire United  by A.K. DuBoff, 2022




“ Never accept the world as it appears to be.
Dare to see it for what it could be. ”

 Overwatch (movie)  by  Blizzard Entertainment, 2016



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