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Updated: 2019-05-30

                  ABOUT ME

I am a Canadian human resources management consultant specializing in organizational behaviour and learning techniques.  I have a wide variety of work experience and knowledge that allows me the scope and depth of both experience and knowledge to provide professional quality services to clients from a variety of sectors.

I have been involved in the information and educational service industries since the mid 1970’s.  I founded Starlight Infoworks in 1988 to better serve my growing clientele, and to gain better control of my schedule and activities.  My services have focused on making information and communication simpler and more understandable.  I later also founded grp.Starlight, a private global information exchange organization.

After my arrival in Wuhan in March 2003, I opened an agency (2005-2012), a branch office of my Canadian company, to allow me to help local institutions improve their efficiency.  I provided services such as corporate training (2005-2014), executive mentoring, and private tutoring (2003-2019).  I also created and delivered customized training programs to various organizations, notably for 14 professors at the Foreign Affairs Faculty of the Wuhan University of Science & Technology (2003), for technologists at Dong Feng's Commercial R&D Centre (2008-2013), for administration staff at the Daye Non-Ferrous Metals  (2010), and even as a professor of communication skills at Wuhan University’s Donghu College (2007-2008).  I was also an associate news editor, English and French, at WuhanTV’s Channel 6 from 2005 to 2014.

Another activity keeping me busy, since the 1970's, has been my research into not just organizational behaviour and training, but also socio‑economic development, with the result being the need for a Global Village Mindset, which is currently promoted through my Hong Kong based Starlight Educaltural Institute.

I am greatly interested in helping all people become better communicators, continuing to give numerous volunteer activities such as lectures and English salons, notably at the Hubei Provincial Library (2005-2019) and at educational institutions of all levels, whether public or private, and even helping out as a judge in various communication skills competitions at such organizations as China Southern Airline (2013).

I am an avid promoter of triple-win relationships between China and Canada, specifically in cultural exchanges and educational activities.  I am also an avid sports fan.  As a Canadian, my favourite sport is of course ice hockey.

As a current "Lao Wuhan", I am affectionately known as Xing Guang.

Respectfully yours,


Dr. Jacques L. St-Arnaud

王星光 (Wang Xing Guang)